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                Welcome to Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co.,Ltd
                Working Time
                Monday~Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm
                PingAn Street Shijiazhuang Hebe China
                Mineral Raw Materials
                Used in coating, paper, plastic, rubber, chemical, medicine, environmental protection, advanced refractory and other fields
                Used for advanced lubricating oil, advancedtanning leather base level, food level, medicine, silicon steel level, advancedelectromagnetic level, high purity magnesium oxide and other nearly tenvarieties.
                Vermiculite is a member of the phyllosilicate group of minerals, resembling mica in appearance. It is found in various parts of the world,
                MicaMica is a thermal stable insulating material in the welding-rod coatings industries and also used in caulking compounds
                Unexpanded Perlite is processing by crushing, screening of the original perlite ore
                our factory introduce advanced technology from Germany and specialized automatic production line of fiber products
                Pumice, with crude appearance,get its name for it can float on the water. It is a natural,ideal,environmental product
                Lava stone is formed when the lava stream flows and cools down with the air remains and becomes small holes in the final rock
                Aquatic sand strikes the perfect balance between hardness and softness
                Sepiolite is silicate clay mineral in fibre form which is rich in magnesium.It is also called magnesium and silicate mineral in moisture chain layers
                Iron powder is an aggregate of iron particles with sizes of approximately 20-200 μm
                The main product models are: 10-20 meshes, 20-40 meshes, 40-80 meshes and 80-120 meshes.
                The zeolite is the generic term of zeolite family mineral, is a kind of aqueous alkali metal or alkali earth metal's aluminosilicate mineral. Zeolite's density is 1. 92-2. 8g/cubic centimeter, moss scale of hardness is 3. 5-5. 57, its color is lighter, mo
                Cenospheres are hollow silicate micro-spheres extracted from the fly ash generated in coal-fired power plants. They are in white or light gray color and have a particle size from 20 to 500 microns.
                BentoniteBentoniteWith good capacity of suspension and thixotropy, It also has a lots of other advantages, such as low filtrate volume, good capacity of mud made, easy dispose and etc.
                Bauxitealso called alumina , aluminum content is above 40% , Main ingredient is alumina,white or grey color , will become brown yellow or pale red for iron content.