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                Welcome to Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co.,Ltd
                Working Time
                Monday~Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm
                PingAn Street Shijiazhuang Hebe China
                Enterprise Profile

                  Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co., Ltd. is a group industrial company which integrates product development, production and processing, transportation and trade. Company registered capital reaches 3 million yuan. Located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.

                  Mainly engaged in the sales and export of non-metallic mineral products and agricultural products. We have two subsidiaries, Shijiazhuang Eternal Building Materials Co., Ltd and Hebei Yanxi Agricultural Development Co., LTD. Due to the growing scale of operation, the continuous expansion of domestic business areas and the continuous prosperity of overseas business, the Company of Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co., Ltd  was established in 2018.

                  The main business scope is mineral processing: Vermiculite raw ore (with mine management rights), Expanded silvery /golden vermiculite for friction materials, Mica powder(dry/wet), Zeolite, Pumice stone and Pumice powder, Perlite, Cenosphere , Volcanic rock (red/black), Reduced Iron Powder, Sepiolite powder and Sepiolite fiber etc. Special asbestos-free mineral fibers, Cellulose Fibers, Mineral Composite Fibers for friction materials.

                  Agricultural by-products: Agaric, Walnut kernels, Jujube, Selenium-rich Millet,Black Peanut, Lotus root, Black pork, Sweet potato and sweet potato noodles, Sunflower seeds etc.

                  Agricultural horticulture soilless matrix: Golden granular soil (1st and 2nd generation),Fleshy plant soil, Acidic plant soil, Orchid soil, Tourism picking, Leisure agriculture, etc.

                  Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trading Co., Ltd. regards credit, abides by contract, guarantees product quality, and wins the trust of customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits and high sales. We are willing to provide new and old customers at home and abroad with better quality, more professional services, and create a better future. Welcome customers to call and visit to negotiate business, and seek win-win situation altogether!