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                Welcome to Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co.,Ltd
                Working Time
                Monday~Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm
                PingAn Street Shijiazhuang Hebe China
                About Us

                  Vermiculite:Mainly uses in constructing, the shipbuilding, governing builds up, in the chemical industry, the improve soil, the fire wall, the fire protection coating the heat insulation fire protection function. Mic:The mica is broken, the mica powder and so on widely applies in professions and so on electric appliance, welding rod, rubber, plastic, papermaking, paint, coating, pigment, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials. zeolite The zeolite is the generic term of zeolite family minerals, a kind of aqueous alkali metal or alkali earth metal of aluminosilicate mineral. the density is 1. 92-2. 8 g/cm3, moss scale of hardness is 3. 5-5. 57, with light color, most of it is white, light yellow, light green, pale red and sandy beige. Pumicewith crude appearance,get its name for it can float on the water. It is a natural,ideal,environmental product with the following characteristics:light,high strength,acid and alkali-resistance,corrosion-resistant,no-pollution,no- radioactivity and so on. Perlite Perliteis processing by crushing, screening of the original perlite ore, we can produce according to the needs of customers into variety of perlite sand products, the current specifications are :8-12 mesh ,12-18 mesh ,18-20 mesh ,20-50 mesh ,30-50 mesh ,50-70 mesh ,70-90 mesh ,90-120 mesh and other products