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                Welcome to Shijiazhuang Haogesi Trade Co.,Ltd
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                Magnesium Oxide

                Chemical formula: MgO, molecular weight: 40.30,CAS login number: 1309-48-4EINECS login number: 215-171-9Melting point: 2800 ℃, boiling point: 3600 ℃Solubility in water: 6.2 mg/L (20 ℃), density:3.58 (25 ℃)Appearance: white light powder, InChI code:InC
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                Chemical formula: MgO, molecular weight: 40.30,CAS login number: 1309-48-4

                EINECS login number: 215-171-9

                Melting point: 2800 ℃, boiling point: 3600 ℃

                Solubility in water: 6.2 mg/L (20 ℃), density:3.58 (25 ℃)

                Appearance: white light powder, InChI code:InChI=1/ mg.o /rMgO/c1-2, molar mass: 40.31

                PH: 10.3, relative density: (d254) 3.58

                Content (MgO style), % 99.9 ~ 100.1, iron (Fe), %0.005 or less, zinc (zinc), % 0.02 or less barium (Ba), % 0.003 or less,silicic acid and ammonia sediment, % 0.05 or less

                White or light yellow powder, odourless,tasteless, the goods does not dissolve in water or ethanol, slightly soluble inethylene glycol, melting point 2852 ℃, boiling point 3600 ℃, magnesium oxidehave highly refractory insulation performance. Through above 1000 ℃ hightemperature burning can be transformed into crystal, rose to more than 1500 ℃is dead burned magnesia magnesite) (that is, say, or sintered magnesia.

                Chemical properties: magnesium oxide is a basicoxide with common property of basic oxide and belongs to gelling material

                When exposed to air, it is easy to absorb waterand carbon dioxide, and gradually becomes basic magnesium carbonate. The lightproduct is faster than the heavy product, and combines with water to generatemagnesium hydroxide, showing a slightly alkaline reaction. The pH of saturatedwater solution is 10.3. Soluble in acids and ammonium salts are insoluble inwater,

                Used for advanced lubricating oil, advancedtanning leather base level, food level, medicine, silicon steel level, advancedelectromagnetic level, high purity magnesium oxide and other nearly tenvarieties.